AMC North is a Danish property asset manager who offers advisory and administrative services as well as investments on behalf of investors. Our advisory and administrative services includes portfolio advisory services, development management, letting and property management.

We take great pride in our core values; trust, transparency and respect. Our core values form the basis for all our work and advice, and we will at all times protect these values, which we believe to be the cornerstone of a modern asset manager.

For some of our clients and investors, sustainability is an increasingly important priority. Of course, we also provide advisory services in connection with sustainable property investments, which includes the determination of asset management strategies for reducing the carbon footprints of a property or portfolio, the use of recycled materials when performing development works or other similar sustainable approaches.



Our references

With more than 25 years of experience in optimizing and improving residential and mixed-use real estate assets on behalf of investors, we have provided investment strategies to both short and long term investors.

We serve a range of clients including pension funds, family funds, private clients and private investment companies.

Please contact us for references.

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