Asset management

We have a long track record in defining and implementing successful asset management strategies on our clients’ properties, thereby securing a return that is above the market standard. We tailor the strategy to the individual client's wishes, with particular regard to the client's investment horizon and ensure that the performance of the asset is maintained throughout the investment period.

Our approach is based on a deep knowledge of the real estate industry and the extensive legislation that regulates this asset type.



Development management

We have extensive experience in organizing and managing development projects on behalf of our clients - from construction of penthouse apartments on existing properties to light refurbishment.

We participate and advises the client throughout the life cycle of the project. We assist the client with analysis of the project opportunities, are responsible for the dialogue with authorities and other stakeholders, including tenants, tendering strategy and ensures that everyone performs the agreed services, including architects, advisors and contractors. Finally, we assist with the completion of the project accounts.