AMC North is an attorney limited liability company.

The following business conditions apply for the tasks AMC North CVR number 29 40 51 11 assume unless a separate written agreement is made.



Identity information and money laundering

AMC North is subject to the law on preventive measures against money laundering. We therefore have a duty to obtain and store identity information about any client.

Confidentiality and interest or conflict of loyalty

Everyone at AMC North is subject to a professional confidentiality agreement, i.e. that all information must be treated confidentially unless the circumstances indicate that the information is not confidential.

In accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society and our compliance procedures, we examine whether or not there is an interest or loyalty conflict before we finally undertake a task. If a situation arises along the way, which leads to disqualification or conflict of interest, we must renounce the task.

Prepayment, fees, billing, and completion of a task

If we receive prepaid fees, assets, or expenses, this will be added to our client account and may, including possible interest, be used to offset future invoices and cover costs, unless otherwise agreed.

Payment for the task is settled according to the following parameters: time spent, the lawyer’s know-how, the complexity of the task, importance for client, the responsibility and result associated with the task. The fee excludes relevant costs and expenses.

When it comes to long-term tasks, either monthly or quarterly settlement is agreed upon. For individual tasks, we issue invoices when the task is completed. Our payment terms are typically 8 days from the invoice date and VAT is added according to applicable rules.

We reserve the right to terminate our assistance if the credit period on our issued invoices is significantly exceeded or if the client is insolvent. Furthermore, we can choose to withdraw from a case if, in special instances, we no longer find ourselves able to take responsibility for the case processing, or if we believe that it is in the client’s interest that our cooperation ceases.

Client funds

AMC North manages client funds in accordance with the rules in force on this. Accordingly, client funds are deposited on separate client accounts and the attributed positive or negative interest accrues to the client. Client funds are protected under the Consolidation Act on a Depositor and Investor Guarantee Scheme.

The protection is effective from June 1, 2015 and generally limited to EUR 100,000 per client per financial institution. AMC North is not liable for the loss of client funds resulting from insolvency proceedings by the financial institution in which the funds are deposited.


AMC North is subject to the Danish Bar and Law Society’s general rules on complaints. If the client is not satisfied with our assistance or fee, we ask the client to contact us for a clarifying discussion on the subject matter in question. In an agreement on a complaint cannot be reached, the client can recourse the case to the Danish Bar and Law Society. Contact information for the Danish Bar and Law Society:


The secretariat of the Danish Bar and Law Society,

Kronprinsessegade 28,
1306 Copenhagen K


If the client is a consumer, the EU Commission’s online complaints portal can also be appealed. This is particularly relevant if the client is a consumer resident in another EU country. Complaints can be submitted via When submitting a complaint, our e-mail address must be provided.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute must be resolved in accordance with Danish law by the competent Danish court.

Responsibility, limitation of liability, and insurance coverage

AMC North is responsible for the legal advice in accordance with the general rules of Danish law. We are insured by HDI Gerling.

Our client responsibility is limited to a maximum of DKK 50 million per task. However, a client may receive a maximum of DKK 100 million for claims raised or increased within the same or the immediately following calendar year. Our responsibility does not include consequential financial loss, including operating loss, data loss, lost profit, goodwill, image, etc. or other forms of indirect loss.

Our Data Policy

In our capacity as a law firm, we are responsible for the processing of the data on the personal information we have received about you.

We are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, which means that we are obliged to inform you of which of your personal data we process and which rights you have.

If we have registered personal data about you, this is in most cases because you are a client with us, but it may also be because your personal data is registered with us in connection with a separate case in which we are involved. We also record personal data about our business partners.

In relation to our assignments, we may, if necessary, need to process and store the following categories of information, name, address, e-mail address and telephone number, CPR-number, bank details, copy of medical card and driver’s license or other photo ID, photo, financial matters, any information regarding criminal offenses. It may also involve sensitive personal data, such as race or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union affiliation, as well as the processing of health information or information on a physical person’s sexual relationship or sexual orientation.

We cannot at this time disclose how long we will keep your personal information. However, we can inform you that we will emphasize whether we or our customer may need the information in order to defend against legal claims, including the statute of limitations, when determining for how long your information will be held.

All information is treated confidentially in accordance with the legal rules, the Administration of Justice Act, and the General Data Protection Regulation and it is important to emphasize that we only treat your personal data, if we have factual reasons to do so.

Our processing basis stems from both the legitimate interest, cf. Article 6 (1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, which we have in dealing with and storing of client data and the necessity thereof in order to carry out our assignments.

In addition, the basis of processing arises from the fact that in connection with the Money Laundering Act, we are obliged to collect and store medical cards and passports, driver’s licenses or other photo ID, cf. Article 6 (1) (c) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Furthermore, we can process information on social security numbers when there is a need to ensure a clear identification of you, or if the processing is required in in connection with communication with a public authority, cf. the rules of processing personal numbers in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

We may, if necessary, process sensitive personal data when processing is done to determine or defend a legal claim, cf. Article 9 (2) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you are a part of a cooperation with us, we have a legitimate interest, cf. Article 6 (1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation to process necessary personal information about you.

Recipients and processors of personal data

Your personal data will be processed solely by us, unless other uses result from the nature of inquiry or the nature of the assignment. For example, your CPR-number will be passed on to the land registry in connection with any registration. Furthermore, your personal information may be passed on to your insurance company, if we are to apply for insurance coverage on your behalf.

The disclosure of your personal data can be transferred to our partners, including data processors, if the disclosure is necessary for the resolution of our assignment. This is done within the framework of the rules we are subject to and subject to our statutory duty of confidentiality.

We do not collect personal information about visitors on our website. This only happens if the visitor himself gives us the information when filling out the contact form on the website. We process the personal information you provide, for example, by sending an e-mail or by using the contact form on the website. The personal information is processed in order to respond to inquiries.

If, based on the inquiries, a customer relation is established, e-mails, extradition of personal data, and other documents are stored electronically. Depending on the type of case, personal data is also stored in physical form while the case is active. The information is deleted if a customer relation is not established.

Access to insight, rectification, deletion, limitation or objection

You have the opportunity to gain insight into what information we have registered about you. If you wish, we will provide an electronic copy of the information collected. You may object at any time that information about you is being processed. In addition, you have the right to claim registered personal information about you corrected or deleted or its processing limited.

If you object to our processing of your information or request deletion or limitation of information necessary for the processing of the case, we will no longer be able to process the case. The case will then be closed and settled.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, there may be specific situations where we are not obliged to comply with the above rights.

If you want insight into, rectification or deletion of the personal data that is registered about you with us, or limitation of the processing of the registered personal data or if you have other objections, you can contact

Data portability

You may in some cases have the right to obtain or transfer your personal data to another data controller.

Duration and storage of information

Information is initially stored securely for 5 years from the time the case is filed. The reason for this is to avoid conflicts of interest and in order to comply with the Accounting Act and the Money Laundering Act. If there are circumstances in the case, where it would be expedient to store the case or parts thereof for more than 5 years, the information can be stored for a longer period.

Data Processor

In our capacity as administrators, we act as data processors. In addition, we can use external companies to the technical operation of our company. These companies act as data processors in relation to the personal data for which we are the data controller. Our data processors have taken the necessary technical and organizational security measures to prevent information being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or impaired, and used against our knowledge, misused or otherwise of treated by unauthorized persons in violation of the Personal Data Act. At your request, and upon payment of the data processor's current hourly rates for a work associated therewith, the data processor will provide you with sufficient information to enable the data processor to demonstrate that the said technical and organizational security measures have been taken.

Security precautions

We protect your personal data and have internal rules on information security. These rules are updated regularly and contain instructions and measures that protect data from being destroyed, lost, or altered, against unauthorized disclosure, and against unauthorized access or knowledge to them. We ensure that the information collected, including personal data, is treated carefully and protected under applicable security standards. We have strict security procedures for collecting, storing, and transferring personal data to prevent unauthorized access and to comply with applicable law. Our security is regularly checked. The information and personal information you provide us is stored on our own or on one of our data processing servers. In addition, we have taken the necessary technical and organizational safeguards to protect your personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or other acts contrary to applicable law. We store and process your personal data on IT systems with controlled and restricted access. We use industry standards such as firewalls and authentication protection to protect your personal data.

Changing our Privacy Policy

We can update and modify this privacy policy at any time and without notice with effect for the future.


Inquiries regarding the personal data policy may be directed to AMC North, Østerfælled Torv 5-7, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.


You have the opportunity to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about the processing of your personal data:

Borgergade 28, 5
DK-1300 Copenhagen K
+45 33 19 32 00